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Month: November 2019

100+ Loader Jobs Available Across The USA

Are you looking for work as a loader operator? Here is a list with links to apply to over 100 loader jobs across the United States The the following jobs are posted to help the members of our Facebook group find employment,  if you would like to join the club click here. Don’t forget to support this page by hitting the share button. Goodluck to our fellow loader operators we hope the following posts helps […]

Fort McKay Hiring Seeking 31 Haul Truck operators

  Seeking thirty-one (31) experienced Heavy Equipment Operators (797) for the Fort McKay Strategic Services LP. Competition#: HR19-0359 Are you ready to become part of a dynamic team in a solid, diverse and growing environment within the Oil and Gas Industry? If you’re an experienced Heavy Equipment Operator- (797) driven by passion, partnership and commitment to do better, read on and reach out! We are seeking thirty-one (31) experienced Heavy Equipment Operators (797) for the Fort McKay Strategic Services LP. […]